design for a

compact race cup car

This is a beginning concept of a compact car. A real extreme vehicle, which will be streetlegal but also usefull on the circuit. With a small engine, producing around 175 hp and RWD, it should be a heaven to drive.

The Mini Cooper S Works and the Renault Clio F1, will be the concurrent vehicles. But this concept it much more extreme in driving!

re-design interior of


This is an assignment for Kieboom Lasersystemen B.V., a company selling laser systems. Their premises is already 30 years old and as is the interior. The project consisted of designing a different interior with a new and modern look.

The project is still running and I'll be working on a more realistic and affordable idea.


high-end speaker design

Originating from the sketchbook, I designed a concept for a high-end speaker. The combination of perfect design and great functionality makes it different from your standard consumer market speaker.

The base of the speaker is made from ceramic. Using the design made in SolidWorks, I was able to build a mold. The ceramic base is structured out on one piece of molding clay. The molding clay can be modified with different glazings for a personalized look.

logo for

an upcoming racing driver

Sven Snoeks is a talented racing driver, who started in 2010 with racing. This year he drives for the Certainty Racing and is up to his first championship.

For Sven Snoeks I designed a logo with his name. After I made a big variaty of sketches, I asked him if he liked his logo a bit funny. His lastname is in Dutch a kind of fish, so I processed that in the logo. The colors already were on his helmet. Go Sven!

have a nice cold beer

This school assignment said: "Make whatever you like and build it!" The final product had to be constructed out of sketches and without a technical drawing. It had to be a product, which you could actually use in everyday life.

I sketched some ideas for a beer tap on paper and came to a wooden concept. The beer tap is made from oak and bamboo. The oak and bamboo creates a nice composition between classic and modern. Also it is a very modern design.


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